Just a little ignorance about a little part led to a big repair.


As you can see in the first slide below, a homeowner in Concord inherited a poorly installed furnace and cooling coil from the previous homeowner. Some of the installation related deficiencies are:

  1. The hot exhaust pipe is touching plastic.
  2. A portion of the suction line is not insulated and therefore drips water.
  3. The condensate drain line is not trapped, vented or properly supported. That can result in poor drainage and possible water damage.
  4. A potentially hazardous gas flex connector should have been replaced when the furnace was installed, but was not.

As is so often the case, what can be seen on the surface turned out to be less important than what lies beneath. The condensate drain line is supposed to connect to the drain pan with an ordinary plastic fitting. However, the unknown installer used a specialized fitting. The specialized fitting is intended for use in a different application. I suspect the installer used it in this application simply because s/he didn’t know any better. As you can see in the second slide, the specialized fitting has a smaller opening than the ordinary fitting I installed.

It took years, but the specialized fitting clogged when the regular fitting would not have. The drain pan backed up. Water overflowed down into the furnace. The water damaged the circuit board. And the homeowner got stuck with $600 in repairs. All of that because of a little (completely inexcusable) ignorance about a little part. Doh!

Clicking the picture will bring up a larger picture.

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