Why Choose Me

If you’re like me, trust is your top priority when looking for help. What follows doesn’t prove my trustworthiness, but it’s a good start.

  Most Repairmen Yours Truly
Licensed No 1 Yes
Trade School No 2 Yes
NATE Certified No 3 Yes
5 Star Reviews dozens  4 hundreds
Truck Stock Parts dozens 5 hundreds
Experience < 5 years > 20 years
On Commission Yes No


  1. Only one person in the company has to be licensed. That’s usually the owner. Most repairmen are not licensed themselves.
  2. The state of California does not require HVAC repairmen to take any kind of training or pass any test. Quite literally anyone can be a repairman.
  3. A company that’s NATE certified doesn’t actually have to send a NATE certified repairman to your home. Most repairmen are not certified.
  4. Most HVAC contractors with lots of reviews have employees. I’m unaware of any other contractor with hundreds of reviews per employee.
  5. The minivans that most repairmen drive don’t hold very much. In my opinion, a tradesman serious about his trade drives a fully loaded full-size van.