…and Unservices

Equipment Repair

I repair furnaces and air conditioners in owner-occupied homes. That is currently all I do. It’s an underserved niche that I’m very good at. Even so, as explained in this audio, I’ll certainly recommend replacing when it makes sense to do so.


They’re referred to as tune-ups or maintenance. As explained here, “checkup” is the best word for them. I perform checkups only during the slow season, which ended with the first heat of May. The next slow season starts some time in fall.


I’m currently a repair-only contractor. Repairs require more brain and less brawn than installations, hence the preference. I may do installations again when my brother comes to work for me. In the mean time, there is another contractor whom I’ll refer upon request.




That’s not a word you say? I reconcur!

I don’t work on…

I don’t offer…

  • air balancing
  • design services2
  • consultation services3
  • free in-home estimates4
  • duct inspection / cleaning5
  • service during a home sale6
  • service to any kind of business7


  1. I’m trying to save my knees & back.
  2. You can learn a lot about design here.
  3. I will give limited advice over the phone.
  4. I do give prices here and over the phone.
  5. Duct cleaning is a mostly worthless service.
  6. Exception: I’ll repair directly for the home seller.
  7. I’ll continue to service most past business customers.