More to Diagnose, Less to Repair

A summary of what I charge follows. It’s just a summary. For a detailed explanation,¬†click here.

  • Labor costs $150 for the first half hour.
  • Labor costs $75 per half hour after that.
  • I charge twice the wholesale cost for most parts.

That may seem expensive at first, but my out-the-door prices are very reasonable:

  The Going Price 1 My Price 2
Small Capacitor $330 $245
Gas Valve $700 $460
Circuit Board $800 $500
Blower Motor $800 $520
5 Lbs Freon $1000 $600

For a list of ballpark prices on air conditioner repairs, click here.

For a list of ballpark prices on furnace repairs, click here.

A reasonable price is important. Trust is too.


  1. I’ve performed hundreds of second opinions. I’ve seen the competition’s invoices. It appears that many highly rated contractors have embedded a $300 / hour labor rate inside their flat rate.
  2. These are ballpark numbers for run-of-the-mill parts. There are many kinds of capacitors, gas valves, circuit boards and motors. Some of them cost considerably more than what you see listed.