I mostly work Monday through Friday and sometimes Saturday. Arrival windows for each city in my service area are below. On rare occasion a 5 to 7 window can be arranged.

If you need a before-hours, after-hours or weekend appointment, click here. If you need an exact arrival time, click here. If you need an arrival window not listed below, click here.


Potential Arrival Windows
Check marks are explained below.
  9-10 11-1 1-3 3-5
Bay Point
Clayton (city proper only)
Danville (NW quadrant only)    
Martinez (city proper only)
Moraga (northern half only)    
Pleasant Hill
Walnut Creek (NE quadrant)
Walnut Creek (NW, SW, SE)  

Check Marks

= the preferred arrival window for this city
✓ = an arrival window that’s also good for this city
= a possible arrival window for this city

Need an exact arrival time?

Scheduling a 9 AM arrival time (plus or minus a few minutes) for those cities with a check mark in the 9-10 arrival window is certainly doable. Scheduling an exact arrival time for any other time and city combination may be a challenge. Feel free to ask. I’ll do what I can.

Need an arrival time not listed above?

Arrival windows are designed to minimize travel time. Leaving Danville late in the day to drive home to Pittsburg isn’t my idea of fun. Even so, on rare occasion I will make an appointment during an unchecked window. I sometimes charge extra for doing so.

Need before-hours, after-hours or weekend service?

I’m a one-man operation. And I just happen to be human. So, naturally, my desire to work irregular hours waxes and wanes. If it’s slow and I need the business, we can probably work something out. If I’m working my tail off and need the rest, we might not.