About Me

face for radio

A face for radio. A brain for heating and air conditioning.

Hello. My name is John. I like soft rock, puppy dogs and sipping piña coladas on the beach. Oh… wait. This is High Performance Heating & Air, not Match. Besides, what I really like is sipping Manhattans in a nice restaurant where there’s absolutely no chance of getting caught in the rain. Ten points if you get the cheesy 1970s reference.

Quite obviously this isn’t a traditional “About Us” page. There aren’t any self-aggrandizing superlatives. Nor is there a mission statement, a heritage or a team. There’s just me. You’ll hear me on the phone and you’ll see me working on your equipment. Accordingly, to learn about “us” you have to learn about… as if I haven’t typed this word enough already… me.

The best way to learn about you-know-who is through the many educational pages on this site. This website is my electronic doppelganger. I wrote every one of its too many words. However, if you want a more direct telling, and if you happen to be suffering from insomnia, I present to you the sleep aid otherwise known as my professional life story.

Professional Past

At age 15, I got my first job at Burger King. I worked my way up and eventually became the assistant manager at the Danville location. The general manager at that location was quite the star. I reflected enough of her brilliance that they were ready to promote me to general manager of another location. That might have seemed like quite the gig for a 21 year old, but I didn’t want that gig. I wanted out.

At the time, the Danville location was rather run down. I found myself fixing the equipment rather often. I rather liked it. It sure beat managing people. The equipment didn’t call in sick, didn’t show up late and didn’t talk back. In hindsight, I’m glad for upper management’s penny pinching ways. Had they replaced the equipment in a more timely fashion, my talent for fixing things might have gone unnoticed.

That talent needed refinement, so I enrolled at Sequoia Institute. They had automotive and HVAC programs to choose from. The average graduate’s starting wage was $6 and $9 per hour respectively. You’ll never guess which program I chose. About a year later I graduated at the top of my class. Don’t be too impressed. You know you’re not in an Ivy League school when one of your instructors cracks a Copenhagen smile.

I worked for the HVAC man for the following nine years. During that time the industry went through a wave of consolidation that left me with two employment options: anything for a buck mega-contractors or mom-and-pop operations. I could make a dishonorably decent living with the former or an honorably poor living with the latter. I chose the latter while looking for a third employment option.

Professional Present

I couldn’t find a third employment option, so I started my own company in 2003 and called it On Time HVAC. The first few years were slow going, so I filled the time by taking classes. I learned much, including how much I needed to learn. I was a top technician working for others. I was busted down to trainee working for myself. And train I did. A few years and a few hundred hours of training later, I got my groove back.

Some of that training included a ten day building science course put on by the CBPCA. One of their instructors kept referring to “high performance buildings” and “high performance heating and air conditioning”. I never really cared for my original business name, not to mention the original truck lettering. (Please don’t mention it.) So in 2005 I changed the business name and, mercifully, the truck. I’ve now drive an unmarked full-size 2015 Ford Transit.

The rest is history in the making, or so I hope. As much as I’d like to, I’m not going to turn the tide of corruption that plagues this and most other trades. The powers that be just don’t care what a one-man HVAC contractor or his website says. However, you might care. Read this site’s many enlightening pages and the history I make might be the better heating and air conditioning related future you enjoy.