The Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Specialist

One Man

You needn’t worry about trainees. I’ve been in business for 13 years and in the trade for 22 years. I still don’t know everything. I just think I do!

Stay and Watch

Great technicians don’t mind homeowner participation. In fact, this great technician prefers it. Hang around and watch for as long as you like. You’ll be glad you did.


Peruse the site and see the transparency. Or give me a call and ask questions you never thought a contractor would answer. Knowledge is power. I will empower you.

5 Quick Pointers

  • All flat-rate contractors have an internal hourly rate and parts markup. Ask about them.
  • Hourly wage or commission? Trade school or sales training? Ask about the repairman.
  • This above all else: Stay, watch and ask questions. A real tradesman can take it.
  • Freon costs $24 per pound wholesale. Incredibly, some sell it for hundreds per pound.
  • Equipment lifespan is longer than you’ve heard. Click here for the audio commentary.

Click here to learn more about those pointers.

The Trade

Understanding Freon
Topping off is not normal.

Tips & Tricks
Knowledge is power.

HVAC Installation
A Guide for Homeowners


What will it cost me?
Example Repair Prices & More

Show Me the Money
An Insider’s Look at Pricing

Ten Tall Tales
Marketing Gimmicks Exposed

Secrets Revealed

The Truth About Maintenance
A tune-up isn’t a tune-up.

Duct Cleaning
Wallet Cleaning

The Home Warranty
Consider it expired.