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Stay and Watch

Don’t just guide me to the equipment and walk away. Stay and watch for as long as you like. You learn about your equipment and about me.

One Man

You needn’t worry about trainees. I’m a one man operation with over twenty years of experience and countless hours of training.


No other website reveals as much. Scroll down and you’ll see. There’s nothing about this trade that I won’t tell you.


Understanding Freon
Topping off is not normal.

Tips & Tricks
Knowledge is power.

HVAC Installation
A Guide for Homeowners


The Truth About Maintenance
A tune-up isn’t a tune-up.

Duct Cleaning
Wallet Cleaning

The Home Warranty
Consider it expired.


How much will it cost?
Example Repair Prices & More

Show Me The Money
An Insider’s Look at Pricing

There’s a lot of excellent content on my old site that’s not here.
You can access it by way of Internet Archive here.